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Cuba closed its airport in March due to COVID 19. As a result, income from tourism has disappeared and has limited Cuba’s access to hard currencies. Cuba remains heavily dependent on food and energy imports; it imports 80% of its food consumption. This crisis has greatly impacted Cuba’s ability to import food. As a result, food is scarce in Cuba, and citizens wait in long lines for food and other basic necessities.
Caritas Cuba is providing a critical safety net to tens of thousands of elderly (and others) who rely on this organization for their daily meals. Caritas Cuba staff is working every day to secure, cook and deliver meals to thousands of Cuba’s most vulnerable, including homebound seniors and families with sick or disabled children and adults. Cuba regional and local offices are making decisions based on need and available resources.

Because of this crisis, we have had to cancel two fundraising events, which means a loss of $300,000 in donations. It has severely hurt our ability to raise the funds needed for these programs to feed people in Cuba. 

Make a donation to help fill this funding gap and keep these critical programs up and running.


Volunteer nuns prepare meals in the Diez de Octubre neighborhood of Havana. This center provides hot meals to over 50 seniors each week.

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of Friends of Caritas Cuba. Our dedicated volunteers help in many ways, including serving on Board committees, helping organize events & art sales, traveling to Cuba to help deliver supplies and donations, providing pro bono legal, accounting, and marketing services, and promoting our work on social media. To learn more or sign up, please email Mauricio Vivero at mauricio@friendscaritascuba.org or call 617-849-4027.

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